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Macau Tower


พิเศษ ถือบัตรตระกูลเฉินฯเดินเข้าได้ทันที โดยไม่ต้องเข้าแถว
ถือบัตรจริงสบายใจ ส่งถึงบ้าน

ตระกูลเฉินตัวแทนจำหน่าย บัตรขึ้นชมมาเก๊าทาวเว่อร์ อย่างถูกต้อง

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Observation Decks

Gone in 60 seconds.

From the moment you step into the glass-fronted elevator, you are in for a treat. Soar up the tower to a breathtaking 223 meters in under 60 seconds. Phew! Watch Macau take shape beneath your feet as you travel up. There’s so much to see – the Macau skyline changes so quickly.

Enjoy amazing 360° views from the level 58


How to Get Here



Taxis are readily available at the airport, the ferry terminal and hotels, or simply flag one down on a nearby road. Taxis are metered and charge MOP 15 flag fall. There may be a surcharge when travelling between islands.



Buses are frequent and the routes 9A, 18, 23, 26, 32, MT4 will take you to the Macau Tower.





Wow. Look at Macau!

From 223m up, the view is a spectacular 360° experience! Stroll around the spacious lounge in your own time. The massive 3-storey reinforced glass windows flood the Observation Lounge with light. Take in the entire Macau Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane, and look over to China. Check out the nearby Pearl River Delta skyline, which expands every day, especially Hengqin and Zhuhai.

Nerves of steel? Take our ‘Walk in the Sky’.

Not afraid of heights? Then test your mettle on our reinforced glass floor! We dare you to walk out on it – and look down, waaay down!! It’s designed for interaction, so crawl, lie down, or even jump around. Have fun – we promise it won’t break!

Capture the moment.

It’s not everyday you walk on a glass floor 223 meters up in the air, so we’ll capture your moment. Thanks to Kodak Magic, we’ll photograph you and your loved ones on our ‘Walk in the Sky’; you’ll look like you’re floating on air What a fun memory to take away.

The night-lights are a ‘must do’.

Macau’s nightscape transforms the city; it’s an amazing sight. Come up to the Observation Lounge at dusk and watch. As darkness falls, the casinos and hotels of Macau come alive in a dazzling display of color and variation.

Useful Information

Macau, also spelled Macao, is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of People’s Republic of China. Located across the Pearl River Delta, Macau is a one-hour ride by high-speed ferry from Hong Kong. When visiting Macau and taking in its many sites (including Macau Tower), here is some useful information you should know.



Macau Pataca (MOP) is the official currency; however
the Hong Kong Dollar is also accepted




28.2 square kilometers


Portuguese and Chinese (Cantonese) are the official languages;
Mandarin and English are widely spoken in tourist areas


220 volts, 50HZ (use a rounded 3-pin 5A and 15A plug and UK 13A plug)

         Time Zone:

UTC+8 (same as China Standard Time)


Macau is divided into three regions: the peninsula and two islands. However, reclamation of the area between Taipa and Coloane has created the fourth region of Cotai.


Macau Peninsula
The northernmost region connected to the Chinese mainland. It is a center of tourist activity and is densely populated.

The island south of the peninsula, accessible via three bridges. It is a major residential center and is the location of Macau’s International Airport.

A strip of reclaimed land between Coloane and Taipa, with a variety of new entertainment complexes and resorts.

The most southern island, it is considerably less developed than the other regions due to its mountainous terrain. It does have two beaches, several hiking trails and a resort.




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